Sorting, Containment & Re-Work

Our services are designed to support Incoming Quality, Production and Engineering to ensure the correct supply and availability of material to the assembly process or final customer. We have the capability to provide these services at our facilities, yours or your clients. Reworks include both, engineering changes and part re-work. Through our multiple locations and strategic alliance group, we can provide the support you need; responding quickly to quality issues wherever they arise.

Kitting and Light Assembly

We sort, mix and match components into ready-made kits, or assemble into modules and then ship those modules to main assembly operations. Kits can range from micro products, to large sized boxes, cartons, or even pallets of product. We can be part of your operations if required, by performing light assemblies at Qualita warehouse locations and then shipping where needed. We can store, assemble and ship when ready by FIFO and other standards at very competitive prices.

Material handling and logistics

Our facilities are designed and equipped to fulfill your warehousing, inventory management and logistics needs. We use a web based system that works on Real Time and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our product status application can determine location and readiness of your product.more...

Quality and engineering liaison activities

Representatives serve as a bridge between suppliers and manufacturers. We provide round-the-clock, on-site representation at your customer’s facility to address and respond to quality related matters immediately and appropriately.more...

Supplier Development and Audit

Trained teams designed to identify and develop suppliers throughout the world. Shift production from current to future sources of supply, improving quality and reducing costs through a transparent transition. This process includes both management and production operations.

Continuous Improvement and Quality Tool Implementation

Our trained and experienced engineers can help you implement quality tools to tackle the most challenging situations. Whether they assist you with shop floor problems or new product launches, they are committed to help with your quality concerns and improvement needs.

ISO Development, Certification and Maintenance

With our ISO specialized and certified team members, we can help your organization generate all the documents and requirements necessary to become an ISO Certified Company. If you are certified, we can provide the services to maintain, improve and audit your system to ensure its continuous certificate issuance.